Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Selfish Knitting

I love that I have a Mummy who happily (apparently) knits for my kids so I can focus my knitting on MYSELF. I'm pretty sure noone else is gonna do it for me;-) I finally sewed on all sixteen buttons to my Sixteen-Button Cardy. You'd think the name would have warned me that there would be a bit of button sewing required. Doh. I should also have been put off by the wide neckline knowing that I am somewhat narrow of shoulder. So although the yarn is completely scrummy and it fits well I think the continual yanking back onto my shoulder may cause this item to not be worn much.

True Words

What I really miss is someone able to string an intelligent sentence together (that I agree with) and enunciate it properly;-)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bread Matters

I'm not huge on posting food pics here because I'm not that good a photographer or food stylist. However, lately I've been making the BEST bread that I feel like boasting about. I got Bread Matters on Sandra's recommendation and apart from being an enjoyable, revelationary and revolutionary read it's opened new doors in my bread making. I cranked up a rye flour sourdough starter and use that with our home-ground wheat flour and usually some soaked grains to make a tasty, filling, long-lasting Vogels-like loaf. I do feel revolutionary making bread using no commercial yeast, just the wild beasties I've cultivated in my kitchen;-)

Nothing better than topping it with M(nearly)10's homemade grapefruit marmalade!

I use a fancy schmancy French loaf tin. It's double walled which helps give a nice evenly cooked, lovely crusted loaf. The finish is polished for non-stick-ness rather than the gross teflon non-stick stuff that eventually chips off into your food to poison you;-) I need to get a couple more so I can cook a weeks worth of bread on one day. One major benefit of the bread is its long-lastingness.

I love how our children's literature reflects stuff in our family life - as it should. The Giant Jam Sandwich baker doesn't add any strange preservatives to his huge loaf.

The only filler the In the Night Kitchen dudes try to add is Mickey;-)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baker's Dozen Socks

I love knitting socks! Last week I finished my lucky thirteenth pair. They're comfortable, much prettier than bought ones, and wear really well. I've invested in a decent darning mushroom to keep them all in good working order. (Suppose I better learn to darn now.)

Now I'm just waiting for my new Socks from the Toe Up book to hit my letterbox so I can use the lovely yarn I've bought from the Joy of Yarn and Needlefood.

(Hey Judy and Christine - are my mismatching stripes making you twitch? Every time I see that happening I chuckle imagining you rewinding the yarn to make sure it wouldn't happen on yours.)